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Monday, October 29, 2007

The 2008 Yamaha Spark 135i, with Fuel Injection

The Yamaha Spark 135i, or Yamaha T135 as the experts call the motorcycle. To be honest the Yamaha Spark 135 has many names in the Philippines the Spark is known as the Yamaha Sniper and in Indonesia as the Yamaha Jupiter MX and some parts of the world the Yamaha Spark 135i is known by the simple name of just Yamaha 135LC.

The Yamaha Spark 135i is a small underbone bodied motorcycle which is also the motorcycle with the second-largest displacement in its class. The Yamaha Spark 135i is powered by a SOHC 4-valve 4-stroke liquid-cooled forward-inclined single DiASil cylinder 134.9cc engine. With a 54mm bore and 58.7mm stroke, producing a compression ratio of 10.9:1. Yamaha uses for the Spark 135 a Die-cast aluminum cylinder (DiASil), which offers better heat conductance to dissipate excessive heat more easily. The light forged piston can normally be found in high performance race engines.

The Yamaha engine is capable to push this motorcycle, with its close to 16 horsepowers, to a maximum speed of 165km/h. The Yamaha Spark 135i uses a electronic fuel injection system equipped with throttle position and environmental sensor for more precise ignition timing, increasing the engine's efficiency, and also an accelerator pump for better acceleration and instant throttle response. The Yamaha Spark 135, in order to achieve fine-tuned performance that can't be expressed simply in specs, you just need to test ride this bike to know what it is all about.

The 4-speed gear, constant mesh, transmission with wet, multiple-disk and centrifugal automatic looked a bit outdated, but the gear ratio are good and we have nothing to complain about the gear box.

The chassis of the Yamaha Spark 135, which original was introduced in 2005, did not changed that much. Yamaha still uses a diamond-shaped underbone steel tube frame, with standard telescopic front fork suspension with a single shock rear 'mono-shock' swingarm. The road handling of this bike is great, even with higher speeds you never have the feeling you about to lose control, its a kind of handling that doesn't stress the rider

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raj kumar said...

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